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Two Tiger Tales


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Two turrets they say.  Only four guns.  Only AP.  Oh well, who needs to do damage anyway...

First is a top Tier Tiger.  15K damage


Nothing particularly amazing on the stats:


Gets Tiger a second position!



Now for a bottom Tier game: 13K damage.


As before, nothing particularly amazing on the stats...well, maybe 10K on the T10 sub makes for a good haul:


And again, good enough for a second place finish:



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Do you see losses with your Tiger?

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4 hours ago, Aethervox said:

Do you see losses with your Tiger?

My Tiger WR is a bit below my overall WR, so if WR is the measure, it's a subpar ship...at least solo.  As it's a utility ship (amplifying the capabilities of the ships around it), I suspect it would do a bit better as part of a a carefully crafted three ship division.  

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