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Sicilia for Co-Op

Colonel Potter

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Just took advantage of the x2 resets (Did one yesterday before the x2 expired, then did the other x2 reset today) and got enough Research Points for the Sicilia. 

Which was 60,000 Research Points. It's quite expensive, but got it anyway. 

I always sail my newly acquired ships in Co-Op for their first battle so I can get a feel for them. I have the Sicilia set up as a secondary build.

My thoughts on one game of Co-Op is the secondaries aren't as powerful as they may seem on paper.  They are decent enough though. Did over 50k damage on 107 hits with the secondaries.  Might go back and change the Secondary upgrade to the reload upgrade on the last slot though to help with the reload of the main guns.

The main guns seemed pretty capable in Co-Op. Was able to get 7 citadels with the Sicilia and managed over 136k damage alone with AP and a 33 second reload, which was 38 hits.

The Sicilia seemed to be able take torp hits fine. I got hit by 5 torps from cruisers and only took me down to half HP, which kind of surprised me. Was figuring I was a goner.

The crawling smoke is a bonus if you get aggroed at the beginning of a game by a lot of enemy ships if you get spotted.

I think the Sicilia might be pretty decent in Co-Op if one ever decided to think it's worth the 60k Research Points. Haven't tried it in any other game mode as of yet.

Over all, I like the ship after one game. Probably not for everyone's taste, but I have a special place in my heart for Italian ships since my favorite ship in game is the Venezia, lol.

EDIT: Forgot to add that the rear main guns turn 360 degrees. That is a big advantage when you're switching targets on the other side of the ship. Takes far less time for them to get the guns on target compared to if they had to swing all the way back around again like most BBs.





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I have a feeling I'm not going to like seeing this ship in Randoms.

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1 hour ago, Colonel Potter said:

EDIT: Forgot to add that the rear main guns turn 360 degrees.

Just like the Cristoforo Colombo she was derived from. That's half the reason I ground to that ship.

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