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This Is How Ships Should Look Back In Port After Battle


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Depending whether sunk or damaged there should be screenshots depicted like this 

Battle of Taranto 1940 : The Emergence of the Carrier in Naval Combat


You pay your service fees


Hi, honest q, why do we not have the 1937 refit on the Conte di Cavour? I  like the look of dreadnaught era ships but this refit is also hella  handsome. I



Lützow in Kiel after being torpedoed on her way back from Norway. [799 ×  540] : r/WarshipPorn




German cruiser Lützow (ex-Deutschland), 1943 [2848 x 1721] : r/WarshipPorn



Be great when you hit the return to port button and the ship like this then as service fee is paired the ship starts to change to operational.

If they ( WG ) can have boats, trains , planes and automobiles moving around your port as your viewing a ship they can do this. 




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I've been using my imagination about this for the past several years.  🙂 


Posted January 3, 2021 

[Narrator] The scene is the bridge of the French battleship Strasbourg. Commander Mina Hurray is conferring with her fellow officers and a representative of the Manjou contractors.

[Manjou Chief] ::: offers a sheet of paper to Commander Hurray ::: We were able to get your ship refloated, Commander. But our inventory of spare pixels has been drawn low by heavy activity in this sector. The items listed on this invoice are all that we can accomplish until we can re-supply our own vessel.

[Hurray] ::: accepting the sheet of paper ::: Yes, the opposition's Neptune was annoying, but it was their team's Jean Bart that nearly sunk us in one salvo. We didn't last long after that.
According to your invoice and reports from my crew, we'll be able to limp back to Port at one-quarter speed. Well, it's better than drowning. Thank you, Chief.

[Officer of the Watch] Captain! Lookouts report an unknown aircraft!

[Hurray] Launch our Float-plane! Ready our AA defenses for action! Where away?

[Officer of the Watch] Approximately seven kilometers away, flying straight and level at an altitude of one thousand meteres from due North, Captain.

[Hurray] Order our Float-plane Pilot to investigate and report.

[Officer of the Watch] Aye, Captain.

[Hurray] :::speaking to the Manjou Chief ::: Thanks for your efforts. Might be a good time to get back to your ship and prepare to cast-off.

[Manjou Chief] Agreed, Commander. Fair winds and following seas.

[Hurray] And to you the same, Chief.

[Float-plane Pilot] :::speaking via the radio ::: Strasbourg, this is Float-plane One.  Have visual on bogey.
It appears to be a red sleigh being pulled by reindeer.  No, I have not been drinking.  The pilot of the sleigh is eating some cookies.

[First Officer] That's the second sleigh spotted by our Fleet, today.

[Hurray] Order our pilot to get alongside that sleigh and attempt to communicate.

[Communications Officer] Aye, Captain.

[Float-plane Pilot] ::: speaking via the radio ::: Float-plane One to Strasbourg. The pilot of the sleigh is requesting permission to land.

[Hurray] Our decks are fouled with debris and damaged deck plating.  Even a seagull would think twice about alighting on us, now.  Permission denied.

[Officer of the Watch] Their flight paths will take them directly over us, Captain.

[Hurray] Make safe all AA defenses.  We're not going to start a diplomatic incident.

[Officer of the Watch] They're just about to pass over us, Captain.

[Float-plane Pilot] ::: via the radio ::: The bogey has rolled-over and the pilot has fallen out!  I see aparachute!  Their 'chute is fully deployed and functioning.

[Hurray] ::: striding out of the bridge to get a better view of the sky ::: Sacré bleu!

[Officer of the Watch] They're gonna come down on our number-one turret!

[First Officer] Ooooooph! He just landed on a gun barrel with his feet apart!

[Hurray] That's gonna jingle his balls.

[Officer of the Watch] I think his cheeks have gotten more rosy.  And a pipe fell out of his mouth.

[Hurray] Order the Ship's Surgeon to meet us at the number-one turret!  First Officer, you have the bridge.  Officer of the Watch, follow me.
::: Commander Hurray quickly moves towards a ladder-well which leads to lower decks :::

[First Officer] Aye, Captain!

[Officer of the Watch] Aye, Captain!

[Narrator] The curtain closes on the scene.


From:  Commander Mina Hurray, on the good ship Strasbourg

To:  Perimeter Parol Command of the Port

Subject:  Unorthodox arrival of a volunteer

Unknown aircraft approached.
Float-plane launched to investigate.
Unknowncraft determined to be "red sleigh" class of aero-vehicle.
Pilot requested permission to land, but our ship was too damaged for safe landing and permission was denied.
Pilot of red sleigh parachuted, and descended onto the Strasbourg's number-one turret, barrel number three.
Red sleigh pilot sustained bruising to ego and injury to pride, but will recover.
Pilot has provided today's code-phrase for "safe passage" and volunteered to join our Fleet.
Pilot currently in sick-bay under the care of Ship's Surgeon.

Pilot says their name is "Santa".

Strasbourg sailing under own power at one-quarter speed.
Estimated time of arrival is 08:00 Hours.

In service of the Port!

Commander Mina Hurray
Captain of the Strasbourg

Originally "published" on the old forum.
Old web address https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/221037-if-our-commanders-could-talk/?page=18

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Didn’t WoT display a wrecked tank in the garage if you didn’t pay the post battle service credits?

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27 minutes ago, Wolfswetpaws said:

I've been using my imagination about this for the past several years.  🙂 

Originally "published" on the old forum.
Old web address https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/221037-if-our-commanders-could-talk/?page=18


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USS Laffey, The Ship That Wouldn't Die:

15 April, 1945. Laffey survived despite being badly damaged by four bombs, six kamikaze crashes, and strafing fire that killed 32 and wounded 71. Assistant communications officer Lieutenant Frank Manson asked Captain Becton if he thought they'd have to abandon ship, to which he snapped, "No! I'll never abandon ship as long as a single gun will fire." Becton did not hear a nearby lookout softly say, "And if I can find one man to fire it."

I wonder if the captain complained about being on a shit team.

USS Laffey.jpg

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3 hours ago, Type_93 said:

Didn’t WoT display a wrecked tank in the garage if you didn’t pay the post battle service credits?

Yes they did.
Most people did not notice it unless auto-repair was deactivated , but you're right.

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All my post battle pics would look like this 



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