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This is why WG tried to move Cesare to T6


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Some may remember (others may not know), but a while back WG announced Cesare would be moved from T5 to T6.  There was such an outcry from the community that they decided not to do it.  This is an example of how well it plays in tier:



That said, many games I run in this ship I come up against seal clubbers, often in divisions.  So the battles can be tough sometimes.  Although I didn't perceive any seal clubbers in this game (other than me), it was a tough game up to the very end, and the three ships below me played smart and good.  Excellent cruiser play supporting the BB.  The reds played good for tier as well.

WG left Cesare with a 4km ASW range, ostensibly as a handicap due to its above-tier capability.  Ironically, that handicap is moot in a T5 match. 

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3 hours ago, SoshiSone said:

a while back WG announced

I recall it as a matter of them putting the question to us and testing out a T6 version in hopeful anticipation of a "yes" answer, with the tradeoff being that she would be returned to general sale. In a whimsical bit of humour they named it Giunio Bruto, the Italianized version of the name of Caesar's betrayer. 

I recall this as being one of the few times when just about everyone in the playerbase agreed that this was not a good idea. 

Of course we eventually did (after a fashion) get GC as a T6, Novorossiysk, which is what the Russians called her when given her as a war prize.

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