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Either I'm Becoming To Sentimental Or Insane, Probably A Bit Of Both


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Who doesn't enjoy a close win where lead changes hands repeatedly or its a come from behind win in the last moments.

Who's been a titanic battle and you just get beaten your cranky for X amount of time then you look at the team rosters and think those guys on my team and the REDS really turned it on for a classic battle royal.

You hit the battle again and then low an behold you have another great game in which you win, you look at your game score and 27 curb stombing's you either inflicted on the opposition or you had to endure.

You think back to those 2 games it was worth it playing the blood and adrenaline was pumping and you were really enjoying yourself, now not everyone will agree on that even me but sometimes 2 games like that makes all the difference and you want stay and play.

Anyway you may thinking what the hell is this all about, bear with my madness I'm getting there.


I was on the WOWS website and I was looking at a article about the streamers Comp, I have seen the screen shot ( down below ) before and its never stuck out in fact in the last 3 / 4 days I have looked at this same article a number of times, I didn't know why I kept coming back to it until yesterday then it struck me.

WG graphics in game are spectacular no denying and the art work on the website the same.

I was looking at the cat, his / her eyes wide open with astonishment, I took a closer look at the picture and the realisation struck me, the game was coming alive it was then something started to dawn on me which I finally realised just before and so I decided to write a post of these insane ramblings here.

The screen shot is coming alive and your there, and its one of those classic battles you just played, think the Jumanji series or Tron series, sometimes things inspire you even screenshots or I'm certifiable, I'm leaning to the latter myself but the bottom line is and I cant believe I am saying this but despite it all I think I'm praising WG , Good Lord I really do need help.





 P. S .

Anyone got a ENCOM SHV 20905 laser I can borrow and attache it to my computer to use it to get aboard my Scharnhorst  or Tirpitz 












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