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PT Server - D-Day - I survived

Tpaktop2_1 NA

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I say about 1 in 50 D-Day missions WG slipped up and was able to give me a chance to live. I have no recording of the match since I said something about WG to be fruitful and multiple by themselves along with a single finger salute. CAF207FC-4197-4D6D-93A9-604272B8A9CB.gif.dcc06e3ca6430eb1c501f13357875d40.gif 53EB5C0D-3B99-4A7E-8E10-0AD06C0F515D.gif.201f684365a411bc4b1914e529d99ec2.gif The good part is the team supported each other and knew what they were doing. I got to say taking on four "Z" destroyer bots alone with the Agincourt is crazy because of the amount of rounds the enemy DD's were pumping out. 

Still it was great to poke the enemy in the eye and let the troops hit the beaches.










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