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What you need when regrinding all of the Russian ship lines.

Ensign Cthulhu

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30 minutes ago, Ensign Cthulhu said:


OMG!  Something cheaper than "Mad Dog 20/20"  (MD 20/20)!  😄 

22 minutes ago, HogHammer said:

@Ensign Cthulhu oh, my.  Plastic jug vodka...never seen this before 🤣.

First I've seen of it, too.

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I disagree.  What you need is this...


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Related story  ...?



Canadian distillery halts production of 4L vodka jugs after photo goes viral

Apr 9 2024, 1:38 pm

"An Alberta distillery is halting production of its 4L plastic vodka jugs after a photo of the liquor being sold at a deep discount went viral online, quickly becoming a political debate.


In a statement to Daily Hive, T-Rex Distillery in St. Albert said that it is halting production of the jugs in response to feedback and comments by Minister of Service Alberta and Red Tape Reduction Dale Nally.

The yellow-labeled jugs, advertised as “value” vodka, were on sale for $49.95 at the Super Value Liquor in Mill Woods. Edmonton Journal city hall reporter Lauren Boothby posted a photo of the jugs to X on Friday night and currently has more than eight million views.

Speaking to reporters in Edmonton yesterday afternoon, Minister Nally said that he would be willing to “exercise authority” in a new bill to address what he called the “concerning” sale of the 4L jugs.


The minister said that while the jugs were in compliance with AGLC rules, the pricing was “not very responsible.”

“I think what is not in compliance is the spirit of Albertans, which is we believe in responsible pricing. And this is where I think it goes afoul, is responsible pricing,” said Nally.

According to T-Rex Distillery, it has been filling and selling the 4L jugs without issue for about a year now,  and Alberta Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis (AGLC) reviewed and approved the jugs, including their price.


The distillery also noted that it has not received any communications from the AGLC, the Government of Alberta, or Minister Nally.

“The product that was photographed at Super Value Liquor is a private-label product which was specifically produced and bottled for that customer at their own requested price,” the Distillery stated.


“In general, there are no rules or guidelines provided by AGLC to how a product should be priced.”

The public feedback on the jugs has been fairly split, with some expressing concern, while others praised the jugs for innovation and convenience, the Distillery continued.




How a 4-litre jug of vodka fuelled debate on Alberta craft spirit regulations
Story by Madeline Smith


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Reminds me of the outrage when boxed wines were introduced...  I think the jugs are here to stay based on that previous experience  🙂 

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2 hours ago, Wolfswetpaws said:

Related story  ...?

Very related.

I loved Canada when I first moved here. I hate it now.

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