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Twitch Streamer of the Month - Admiral Revan


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"Do you come from a land down under

Where women glow and men plunder?

Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder?

You better run, you better take cover."

          - Men At Work


About Admiral Revan -

“Who I am is not important, but my message is…” – Admiral Revan


vlcsnap-2024-04-13-01h56m54s002.thumb.png.ae709123c0c5683004602d76c1f3b1c2.png@Admiral_Revan is an Australian World of Warships Community Contributor for the SEA/ASIA region. Depending on the Twitch schedule (see below), his streams cover the ASIA, NA, and EU servers. His community is active in having fun, entertaining, chatting, and learning. He encourages his Twitch community to ask questions, support each other, and build a strong WoWs community that is fun and enjoyable for all.

He worked in the game industry for some time and in various IT roles over the years. Now, he works from home full-time, and streaming is his hobby for enjoyment and relaxation. Like many, he has been playing a lot of games since a young age and likes having fun and building a community of friends to hang out and chill with.

As a former member of the 501st Legion in Australia, he served doing charity and good things for the community. From experience, he believes that we are all about having fun and getting over the obstacles in life, adding, "We all go through some rough times, but being there for one another is important, and it helps strengthen us in going forward while relaxing at the same time in our journey together."

He also plays a variety of other games (WoW, SWTOR, Mass Effect, Helldivers, Homeworld, World of Tanks, and others) with the goal of having fun and enjoying the gaming community. (He is also a Content Creator for Star Wars—The Old Republic.)

His grandfather served in the Australian Army in WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. His mother’s father served in the Chinese military in WW2, so his family has a mixed historical background.

  • Side note:  Coming for the old NA forum, I was somewhat unaware of many WoWs CCs outside the region.  Since DevStrike! covers all regions, I started to branch out to see what other streamers were doing and soon discovered Admiral Revan.  I have found him to be entertaining, informative, and very supportive of the community.  Each streamer brings something new and different to the viewers, and Admiral Revan is no different.  If you have not discovered him yet, drop over to his Twitch stream and give him a look, and follow.  He plays on Asia, NA, and EU servers and leaves no one out.  If you are new or looking to stream in the future, the N7Revanites community (see below) can be very helpful and supportive in any streaming effort.  – @HogHammer [NA].

AdmiralRevanLG.png.42140c2a5b437654859ea49dbdfd7d28.pngAdmiral Revan also expands on his YouTube channel, working on Tutorials/Guides, narrating game replays, and writing warship and development blog reviews. He also includes King of the Sea and other highlights for fun and enjoyment!

Furthermore, he has also begun expanding YouTube content on other games that he reviews and guides, such as SWTOR and Homeworld, but as it's a gaming community channel, there will be plenty more yet to come.

ANZAC Day and other special events -

Admiral Revan also brings some love to the ANZ community by recognizing a very sacred War Veterans Day, which is ANZAC Day on 25 April every year. Whenever he is available, there will be some celebrations and respect towards this symbolic day, remembering the men and women who have served or currently serving their defense forces.

Admiral Revan also recognizes other war Veterans Day events from other nations and celebrates Australia Day, American War Veterans Day, and Independence Day. He truly supports the whole community worldwide and loves getting to know other nations and cultures out there. He also loves food and different topics like movies, history, and more while making new friendships.

About the US Navy hat that Admiral Revan sometimes uses, a former US veteran who once served the US Navy and is now living in Australia gave it away to him as a gesture of good faith for being a good friend to the community and always appreciated his content and friendship.

King of the Sea -

Screenshot2024-04-13091237.png.903358fe5c2f05e965dd978a72e337e7.pngYes, you guessed it. If you’re interested in King of the Sea tournaments, did you know that this guy does the commentary? Well, you know now! Admiral Revan represents the ASIA community quite well, brings in a lot of content regarding the King of the Sea (KOTS) tournament, and has provided a wide variety of coverage over the years. If KOTS or other World of Warship tournaments are available depending on the time zone, there’s a good chance Admiral Revan will provide that coverage for everyone to sit back and relax, which brings a pleasant feeling whenever you’re watching on the live stream on your TV or sitting back at home in a comfortable chair with your favorite beverage in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

Also, Admiral Revan teaches people how to stream the tournaments and is willing to co-cast with smaller streamers while introducing them to the community.

N7 Revanites Stream Community -

This is a great opportunity for you to meet a variety of streamers around the world who are dedicated to having fun and promoting good vibes. Help build communities together and achieve great things, sharing the success of seeing others achieve their goals.

We are all about having fun and engaging experiences with you all.

We stream and provide you with a wide variety of entertainment, play the games we are proud of, and have fun with you all by doing so.

The N7 Revanites gaming community knows about the struggles of life; we all go through them and deal with them in the best way we can. Through great friendships and bonds, we have formed a group willing to give something back to you lovely people out there. If you’re looking for something new, fun, and relaxing, then you have come to the right place.

Admiral Revan founded this community during the leap year of 2024 and the Year of the Dragon.

Feel free to ask us anytime if you have any questions about streaming or the games we play. We will do our best to guide you through it.

The N7Revanites stream team is now available for you to watch. If you’re a streamer looking for a good group to join, check us out at the following link:  N7Revanites Community

StackUp Sponsor –

StackUp.png.9c07e204a1527990fdf791caa13f6782.pngAdmiral Revan not only lends a helping hand to the World of Warships community but also puts his time and effort into worthwhile projects like StackUp.  StackUp brings both veterans and civilian supporters together through a shared love of video gaming using our primary programs. StackUp supports US and Allied veterans by promoting positive mental health and combating veteran suicide through gaming and geek culture with our programs. You can learn more about the StackUp organization here:  StackUp 

What His Community Says –

"Admiral Revan personifies everything I would want to see in a Community Contributor if I were responsible for the program’s oversight.   There would be no question that he will represent WOWS with the utmost integrity.  Admiral Revan brings a vast amount of knowledge, not only on the game but on the various other platforms utilized to get his game-related content out to viewers.  His game-related content is very well-made, informative, and entertaining!  On a personal level, I have had many interactions with him through Discord and Twitch, and he has always been polite, respectful, and helpful.  He has taken time to respond to my questions with well-thought-out and researched answers, and I always feel like he has a general interest in my game-related well-being.  The WOWS Community Contributor program would be missing a fantastic opportunity if they did not onboard Admiral Revan as an official CC."  – Padres-Porch [NA]

"I have been following and a subscriber to Admiral Revan channel for over 2 years now. I have nothing but high regard for this streamer. His streams are full of information about Warships and other games as well.  Revan goes out of his way to help other streamers - me included.  When I started streaming, I was using 2 laptops and a monitor.  As I am retired, for my birthday, Revan purchased the system that I am still using today, using his own funds, and I am only 1 of about 5 streamers that he has helped with streaming hardware from his own pocket.  I hope this helps to show that Admiral Revan is worthy of high praise." - theone0060 [ASIA/NA] @theone0060

"Admiral Revan is a great streamer who has content that is both funny and serious and informative about new ships or current public updates. He is very involved in the community through Discord, Forums, other streamers (CC and Non-CC channels), and the wider Warship community. He tries to answer all questions that the community asks. If he can't source it, he will point them in the direction of someone who may. He always takes the community first and ensures we have the best experience. I think Admiral Revan would make a great addition to The Asia Team and would help make great things happen in the future."  – KimmiChar [ASIA] 

"Revan is a good bloke who obviously cares about the warship community very much. To be honest, isn't that what you want your CCs to be? He works hard to improve the quality of his stream and to create an environment where people feel supported. I've watched him all the way back in 2020 when he first started, and I can say without hesitation he's probably one of the hardest working streamers I know. He gets things done and gathers a community around him. I can't think of any person outside of the current English-speaking CC list who is more deserving than Admiral to be included in this program."  – Logistic Llama

"I joined Revans' stream like most do; I raided here from another World of Warships community Twitch stream. But I stayed because Admiral Revan engaged in discussion with his chat. He has a good sense of humor, and it actively uplifts your day. Admiral Revan also supports and promotes many charity activities, as well as helping out other streamers get going. All of these make any visit to his streams a valued part of my day."   -- ElusiveSpider [NA]

"Admiral Revan and I initially crossed paths on Twitch and through the COGG community without writing an essay. The main reason I follow Revan and enjoy his content is his engagement to me and to others while streaming, but for me, I very much enjoy the sounds, effects, and media he produces while streaming, which makes him stand out from the others." - Majorpar [EU]

Admiral Revan’s Links –

If you click on the following link, https://linktr.ee/admiralrevan, this will show Admirmal Revan's Twitch, YouTube, Discord, Twitter, and Facebook, and show the stream teams and Merch, and more!  Or, just click on the quick links below:

Quick links are listed below -








Admiral Revan’s Streaming Schedule –

Streams 7 days a week, 9:30 pm GMT10+ Brisbane.

Sometimes, on Fridays and weekends, we start the stream earlier just for fun; however, bonus daytime streams are random. Depending on my availability, any bonus daytime stream is very handy for me to keep in touch with the community, especially for special event streams like King of the Sea, birthday/anniversary celebrations, or whenever Wargaming needs a favor.

Please note that Admiral Revan sometimes takes a day off or two when needed; sometimes, it's just to work on YouTube content or need rest, but the community will always be informed.

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