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The Commando 450

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My wife noted to me on her show hose was leaking in the middle. The shower head assembly is about 20+ years old. Add to the fact that the shower-head has a low flow. I told here I would get a new shower-head I order one from Amazon. It is a combo shower-head. I'd installed it and got it working properly.

Later on she uses it. She complains to me about the angle of the main shower-head. I tilted the head angle down for her. Next the main shower-head is spraying the water too hard. I told her that 13 psi is still 13 psi with a new shower-head. There is no way a new shower-head is going to amplify the water output. Then the next observation is how to use the wand. I instructed her on the the shower-head diverter. That got her going.

I did not think one needed to have an instruction course with a shower-head, but I guess some people need that fact done with them. Anyways this whole episode remind me of the Seinfeld episode with Kramer with his shower-head problem.



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