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Little did I know...


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...that when I took this screen shot of Cesares in formation early in the game, that my teammate and I were destined for a wild end game.



At one point we were down 8v4...and it went 7v4 to 6v4 to 5v4 to 5v3 to 4v3 to 4v2 (the two were our Cesares).  We got it to 3v2 with 7 minutes remaining.  It was standard and we were defending cap vs two DDs on our flanks and and unknown Arkansas.  They had points lead.

My worry is the DDs could spam torp from the flanks and the Ark could stay hidden, and they wait us out for the win. But Ark decide to push (ostensibly in support of the DDs harassing our flanks).  Even though Ark was nigh full health vs two half strength Cesares, that was a mismatch...so we take out the Ark and go up a few points with about 4.5 minutes.  Hard to second guess the Ark play as he pushed with 7 minutes left; can't say I'd have done differently with that much time left.

Regardless, all the DDs need is one kill...and we just need to survive; we're both under half strength.  Perhaps the craziest 4.5 minutes I've ever played.  Two BBs defending the cap and two DDs spamming torps from the flanks.  We eventually won, but it was 4 minutes of nail biting, WASD, and dodging. 




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