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Going Back to the Basics, Part 1


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This is my first PVP battle with the French battleship, the Dunkerque.

It was fun and LOL we even had a pink player shooting at our own DD who was not spotting for our flank. On the other hand the enemy WV was complaining about their CV. He must have been so angry that he gave us the CV's position while the battle was still going on. Double LOL!






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Yes, the mid tiers are still the sweet spot of the game.

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Just now, Admiral_Karasu said:

Yes, the mid tiers are still the sweet spot of the game.

Definitely agree. 👍

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Yup, for me T7 is still the sweet spot for when I don't feel like dealing with the assorted insanity of T10+ game play. Sure you lose the concealment that a T8 could get, but you also aren't subject to having to play around T10 carriers or subs like the U-4501 that can outrun some destroyers. Plus its just fun to take out some of the half-forgotten premiums in the middle tiers and catch somebody napping. Its also just downright funny when you get an Anti-Air Expert in an oldie like the Texas even with the nerfed AA range because somebody doesn't know any better.

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