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How to Use Free Camera View and Hiding the UI in Live Game Play


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Here's a pretty handy tool and short tutorial that I thought would come in handy...

==== Free Camera view when you're in battle ====

Left Ctrl + Left Shift + Backspace to Enable Free Camera view.
Left Ctrl + Left Shift + Backspace to Rest Free Camera view (when you want to) OR press M for Map. It does that as well, too.

Num lock keys -

  • 7 Goes Up
  • 9 Down under
  • 4 Pans Left
  • 6 Pans Right
  • 5 Birdseye view
  • 1 Zooms In
  • 3 Zooms Out

If you want to navigate faster, use the Arrows keys to move around, but note that the Left and Right only strafe.

You can use the mouse to browse around as well.

You can also fire your guns and torps or do aerial strikes with it as well in any game mode.

==== How to Hide and Show UI when you're in battle ====

Ctrl J Hides and Shows UI in the game.

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