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PSA - Exploding Camos in update 0.13.3 are TEMPORARY & Romanian Commander Andrei Teodorescu


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1. - the camos:

Been around long enough to foresee trouble and unrest on the horizon because people either don't read the news or WG leaves info out of the news. So I'm doing this PSA for those who don't read the news as WG is telling us this time in the fine print. :-) 

In this coming update (0.13.3) WG is testing a new camo that if equipped on your ship has special explosion effects on a kill (happens on the ship you killed - see spoiler below)

We are going to get 1 of them for free and we can buy 3 others for credits. Sounds good right? Well, if you don't read the fine print you might miss this part...


Additionally, as part of the Golden Week event, we're testing a new permanent camouflage that changes the destruction animation of enemy ships! You'll be able to get one of them for free and up to three more in exchange for Credits during Update 13.3. After that, they'll be removed from your account.

So, the free camo we can get, plus the other 3 that can be purchased with credits, are NOT ours to keep. They are just TEMPORARY

Also, I want to add, "FREE" may not really be free. It's part of the Golden Week (Battlepass) event which involves tokens. It doesn't say how we get that one we get "FREE" so it might mean using some of the tokens we earn to get it. "FREE" as in no real $$$ involved but really that is the same as it costing credits = you have to play to earn them. So, we have to see what "FREE" really means as they don't say.

In the end my main point here is these are only temporary right now so keep that in mind before you spend anything on them. We don't keep them! 


2. Romanian Commander Andrei Teodorescu:

This is the Capt that was available via a mission, on EU only, a few weeks ago. A 6pt version is going to be one of the rewards on the free side of the Battlepass. So if you wanted this Capt but play on NA or SEA the upcoming 0.13.3 Golden Week Battlepass event will award it on the free side.



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'Exploding camos'? Now I've really heard everything...

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"...permanent camouflage..."

"...they'll be removed from your account."



Oh, WeeGee...

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Reminded by a related post from NGA World of Warships community.

If anyone is interested in the Pinata event flag and/or permanent exterior schemes "Mint Drop", "Cotton Candy", "Licorice Swirl" and/or "Dumplings", it is advised to exchange Pinata tokens for your desirable items before the 13.3 Update. Though it seems that permanent exterior schemes will remain available for credits/doubloons ever since, Pinata tokens will be simply removed and will not be compensated in any form.

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