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The Invisible Musashi


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Twelve minutes bottom tier with zero damage, no hits, and...most interesting (no potential damage) not even shot at.

Well, to be fair, I did sit in the back lobbing shells.  But still, no one shot at me.  I did get some PT looks.

Oh, and I got spotting damage...go figure.  Finished middle of the pack, above tier.


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No one shot at you? One of the biggest targets in the game, what is your secret? Is it a bit of Romulan technology or a dash of garlic cologne?

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Or you can have my experience last night...

Top tier in a Sinop...

...and the enemy battleships all knew not to shoot my angled belt and bow...but my superstructure.

Even the Queen Elizabeth was shooting AP.

Held my flank and died as the rest of my team won...

...but it was definitely irritating when the enemy all knew where to shoot me.


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Here's mine ..... one real player apiece .. I went to defend the base & shoot from there  ... did I ever shoot ...



Drats; for some reason anal auto-replay file terms the Dresden a 'Drezden'.

Since replay won't work what happened was I got 125,532 silver?, 266 hits & 7 sinkings (inc the one real player)  with a 9 pt Cpt.

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