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What is the record for fastest match (Random) in WoWS?

Tpaktop2_1 NA

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The time interval from start until Victory is pronounced for the match. Does WG track that information somewhere? What is the fastest you guys have seen?

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Fastest I saw was last year : the game did not last more than 6 minutes.Won on points by my team and suiciding opponents (6 dead within 3 minutes with  3 dev strikes...).
Unfortunately, the screenshot was on a HDD that crashed and the images were lost. 😞
The kind of game I really hate : no fun for anybody.
Even worse: when you have a mission, generally you fail it because you don't even have the time to score...


(Playing on EU server, though I still have an account on NA one)

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The fastest I had that I can recall was a 6 or 7 minute complete stomp, during one of my bounty games last year.

Can't find any other screenshots from that match besides the team score, unfortunately.


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3 minutes and 54 seconds for a Random match !

Unfortunately, I don't have a screenshot.

On the 2nd of September, I played a Tier 3 Random on Archipelago that was all over in 3 minutes and 54 seconds. Yes, quicker than most Co-op games. I keep records in my 'captain's logbook'.

There were two human players on each side and 10 bots.

Our bots were overwhelmingly cruisers equipped with torpedos, with no less than 6 Friants!!

The red bots were mostly st.Louis, Bogatyr, Kolbergs, which don't have torps.

It looked like it would be a bloodbath from the starting lineups, but I had no idea how quickly it would be over.

I got off a few salvos in my Charleston (15K damage) before the curtain came down. 9 Greens and only three Reds still living.

A feeding frenzy for the bot Friants!




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