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Video - World War 2 Ice Cream of the US NAVY

Tpaktop2_1 NA

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I found this YT channel called "Tasting History with Max Miller" talking about recipes throughout history. The host is talking about making Ice Cream by the USN cookbook. And one of the items I got a chuckle over in the video was the Adm. Halsey story.

BTW, I knew a friend that was with an USN East coast ASW unit where they modified a canister with a mixer that could be mounted on a plane. That when the plane flew on a mission, by the time they got back they would have Ice Cream for the crew and support staff. So what what was reported in the video is true.




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Max Miller has a good channel. I watch it all the time.

I've heard that the Navy has some of the best mess hall food, which they should as they have big ships to carry it and refrigeration to keep it fresh. In the Army; well, the C-rations weren't all that bad. I don't recall a single time that we were ever served ice cream in the mess hall though. Mostly, I recall a lot of SOS, fried rabbit, frog's legs, homey grits, and powdered egg omelets. Some of that might not have been too bad doused in ketchup but all they served us was Louisiana hot sauce. The only sweet stuff we had were Little Debbie cakes. We got served these in Basic too but then had to throw them away because the drill sergeants banned anything with sugar in it. That was my first introduction to government waste.

Oh, I forgot these. You can probably guess what we called them. Grilled bratwurst is pretty good. These weren't.


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