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Analysis – I think we are wrong, it's not a hardware the problem

Tpaktop2_1 NA

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Watching yesterday's WoWS Twitch stream, WG said the problem was with Gcore. And what is Gcore? Its a public cloud and content delivery network company. Hearing that I started checking into who is Gcore. And I found a few things more, such as:


Bare Metal

Bare metal servers are physical servers that are reserved exclusively for you. Unlike with shared servers or VPS, you’re not sharing the server’s resources with any other clients


  • 16 bare metal locations

  • Unlimited access to computing resources

  • Private, hybrid, and on-premises cloud solutions

  • L2 connectivity between bare metal and virtual instances

  • Tier III and IV data centers with up to 100 Gbps channels

  • Protection against DDoS attacks at L3 and L4

  • Management via API and Terraform



Edge Network

An all-in-one solution to optimize, distribute and protect your web applications and services. Our network of edge servers around the world accelerates the web assets delivery and prevents outages and interruptions in your business flow.


  • 160+ points of presence

  • 110+ Tbps global network capacity

  • Dynamic content delivery

  • Anycast infrastructure

  • Image optimization

  • Advanced video streaming

  • DDoS protection (L3, L4, L7)

  • Built-in WAF mechanisms


So I started to look around as to what the server setup configurations. Here are some of them.




1x Intel Xeon E-2388G, 64GB, 2x480 SSD, 2x1Gbit NIC, Windows License

1xRyzen 5950x, 128GB RAM, 2x500GB SSD, 2x1Gbit NIC, Windows License

2xSilver 4214R, 128GB RAM, 2x960GB SSD, 2x1Gbit NIC, Windows License

2xSilver 4314, 128GB, 2x960 SSD, 2x10Gbit NIC, Windows License

E-2288G, 64GB RAM, 2x480GB SSD, 2x1Gbit NIC, Windows license



To me these servers are not the old and weak servers that some of us thought were being used by Wargaming (WG) for WoWS. These are fast servers. Going on these facts, WG is using the latest and fastest servers.

As such, the only conclusion I see is that the slowness within WoWS is within the game software itself. To me this proves that WoWS needs to be optimize into a better game. However, I don't think under the present situation that WG has queued this in their operational tasks. I think WoWS is in cruise mode for stability and WG is in a coping stage. We know there is a problem, but its not going to be fixed. IMO I believe WoWS will go as far as it can until action is needed for repairs. What do you guys think of what I found?



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When I first started playing WOWs, I could do so with old hardware (even by 2018 standards).
Since then, I had to upgrade to a gaming laptop.

Even with the latest & greatest hardware at the server and at home, the internet is still a "highway system" that is full of traffic and sometimes traffic-jams or slowdowns.
And not every pathway between me and the WOWs server is a fast one, I feel.
On top of that, the server may be communicating with 23 other people (and some of them may have slower internet speeds available in their location).

So, with distance and ping/lag and a variety of internet infrastructure being utilized, I'm not entirely surprised the game I'm seeing on my screen may be "slow" and "crashy" sometimes.

Adding to the fun, in my household, is that we're using televisions that share the same internet router that my gaming laptop does.
So, the in-house demand for bandwidth may exceed what our router can deliver, at times.

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Ever heard of the latest and greatest doesn't mean better..

Now, Im not IT to really comprehend a networks limitations. One thing for sure..

Windows 11 is not the best windows product compared to Windows 10. So in my case and my thinking... You'll have to force me to upgrade because I refuse to do so.

Now back to the topic... It still can be hardware related... One component malfunctions and the whole operation grinds to a halt.

That component can be anything from a fan to a short circuit to a bad configuration.

As long, WG stats the crisis is over and the EU guys can play again.. I consider that a done deal.

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