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Tier II Fun: Port Jackson


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First game with the new Tier II cruiser, Port Jackson. The usual Random Battle with bots thrown in, only that I did not expect to make at least 1,000,000 potential damage. 




Next battle had a 3-player division on the enemy team. They played well and was obviously a well-coordinated team judging from their positioning and focus fire. I'm not satisfied with my low damage output, but I managed to support the last remaining players which helped us clinch the win. 






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I'm missing early access to the Com Cruisers since I will use the Com coins for a couple Com Cpts for when the Com Cruisers go free access.

I'm a Colonial from Cda so will get those Cruisers (T3 & we had the T7, Ontario & Quebec, I believe) but not the P.Jac (being Aus) & I have enough T2s anyway.

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