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NAUTICUS - Battleship Wisconsin - Norfolk, Virginia


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The Battleship Wisconsin (Big Wisky)

Berthed today at Nauticus, the national maritime center in Norfolk, Virginia, the USS Wisconsin (BB-64) was the last authorized of the four mighty Iowa-class battleships, the largest American dreadnoughts ever built. Wisconsin, or “Big Wisky” as it was affectionately nicknamed, enjoyed a service life that spanned six decades and three conflicts.

Entering service just as the supremacy of battleships was giving way to aircraft carriers, the heavy guns of the four Iowa-class vessels were still unmatched when it came to naval firepower. BB-64 could hurl shells over the horizon at enemy ships but also at targets far inland — a duty it performed right up to Operation Desert Storm. Long since decommissioned, this great piece of American maritime history was not destined for the scrap yard. Resurrected by the City of Norfolk and the USS Wisconsin Foundation, it has become a museum ship and navy heritage site that continues the legacy of duty, honor, and country that was the calling card of Wisconsin’s crew and to inspire future generations of Americans. 


Wisconsin earned five battle stars for her World War II service and one for the Korean War. The ship also received the Navy Unit Commendation for service during the first Gulf War.

The City of Norfolk has assumed stewardship of the Battleship Wisconsin, which is now included in regular Nauticus admission. Admission fees help preserve and maintain the battleship for future generations.

Big Wisky Turns 80

Screenshot2024-03-26095031.png.78e2b0c2196894c6dc687b45f4804282.pngThe Battleship Wisconsin will celebrate its 80th anniversary on April 16, 2024. Special events are planned throughout the month of April.

Important Links -


About Battleship Wisconsin Exhibit

Wisconsin 80th Celebration Exhibits During April




Video Courtesy of Drachinifel (Drachinifel - YouTube)



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