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When 95mm of armor shatters 550mms of pen.



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Different parts of a ship are angled differently. I was shooting my .22 into a soft sand backstop yesterday and heard a ricochet whine off into the distance, which is something you don't want to hear as you have no idea where that bullet is headed. A bowl of chicken soup will ricochet a bullet if it impacts it at the proper angle. Also, in WOWS, a shell that penetrates a torpedo bulge but not the underlying armor will do no damage to a ship.

Also, see below...

"Bungo carries ten 457 mm guns housed in five twin turrets. These guns have a range of 25 km. Her AP shells have high velocity and can overmatch 30 mm armor, which is present on many cruisers in her matchmaking spread. However, her penetration and alpha damage are low for 457 mm guns, comparable to Montana's 406 mm guns." -- WOWS Wiki

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