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Any interest in a "New Player" training session on Mon/Tue or Fri?


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We have a few folks who can help run training sessions (in a training room) and we really need to get back into actually doing training rather than just grinding for CB's and focusing on the players who already have a pile of battles.

The "AP and Overmatch" session and the "Damage saturation" session (the first two in the series) helped a clan stop languishing in Squall and got both of their CB ratings into Gale so it's not just for beginners but is likely most helpful for folks who don't "grok" the AP and damage saturation mechanics. This will also give us an excuse to try out the Devstrike training discord channels 🙂

Long winded way of saying "If you're interested in doing a training session next week, please respond". Bonus points for stating a day and time preference (I would anticipate that Mon/Tue/Fri at CB times will be the time slots that are easiest to get "trainers") 

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