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A tale from Airship :)


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As for the tale....... once upon a time there was a gamemode called Airship. Many people  liked it and played it me included. Now......i'm not gonna lie,  i can get salty if people do ......seemingly stupid things. And in battle I don't look for names, for me a player is a.... ship.

in one of these battles we were  losing and  there were like three players left. And boy.....they weren't doing the ... things i would expect. And..... I started explaining and lecturing and whatnot Smile_smile.gif.054af9b329387282775b9db3. Well.... they won. And immediately after I got  an invite for a training room and a message.Turned out the players who i was lecturing were actually a .... 5 person NOCAP div. A48E2DD6-327E-4E69-B995-CD0955AA6217.gif Weren't too happy with my comments and wanted to settlle things in the old fashion way. 1v1 in a training room. With Mino's. 

Truth to be told I'm not a fan of Mino but....  I never back down, never deny honour, so  ofc I said yes.  Ocean map Smile_smile.gif.054af9b329387282775b9db3 aand needless to say......I've got beaten. And again. And again. We played like 7-8 matches and lost all of 'em. I did started to get the hang of what he was doin and why buut......yo....NOCAP. He truly mastered that ship in terms of angling, firing, moving a bit when started  taking too many hits.....it was really an eye opener. Seeing videos and explanations vs being there.......night and day difference.There is simply no comparison.

In the end ....... well they liked something, coz invited me to div with them and we played a quite bit 14728F2B-B3A1-4254-850F-95D0D4BC5353.gif It was quite an experience....

I kinda wanted to share with you, right when it happened, but somehow I didn't get to do it. He messaged me now and that provided the impetus to finally do it. 



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