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What ships would you like to see in a Pan American destroyer line


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With lazy WoWS developers, they will all be USN DD clones!

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Posted (edited)

San Luis class Destroyers of 1910 (British built, finished as Aetos class for Greece)
Santiago class Destroyers of 1913 (Finished as G101 for Germany)
Thornycroft-White-Yarrow Destroyer design 2.705tons 3x2 120mm of 1947 (Enlarged L class)






https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G_and_H-class_destroyer#Havant_class 6 ships ordered but requisitioned by the Royal Navy as Havant class

if anyone can find some paper ship specifications

And now I will share with you the chilean 1914 torpedo-destroyer "Super-Lynch" (as I call it).
This 1914 kind of destroyer inverts the Chilean doctrine of better gun armament in favor of torpedo armament. The base idea stems from Cunniberti's designs, in which the ship has torpedo launchers distributed in such a way that it can fire volleys in any position

Technical characteristics:
- Standard displacement: 1500-1800t.
- Size: ~110,5m x ~9.9m (supposed as Almirante III subclass).
- Full displacement: ~1900-2200t (supposed with 400-500 carbon+oil as Almirante class).
- Speed: ~31ks (supposed as Almirante class).
- Torpedo launchers: 16 (8x2) 457mm. 24 torpedoes.
- Torpedos: Whitehead Fiume 457mm/5.5m, 100kg, 42kmh@2km, 30kmh@6km, 27kmh@7km.
- Guns: 6 (6x1) 102mm/45 Armstrong Mark S (supposed as Admirals).
Chilean "Super-Lynch" design:


Hello helloo hellooo 

I was busy looking for information in Russian-Soviet archives and I came across an author who mentions the construction of destroyers for Argentina in the shipyards of the United Kingdom. It is suggested that between 1939 and 1943 an order was made for 12 destroyers with an option for 5 more.
This class would have been called "San Juan" and implied changing the name to one of the Buenos Aires class destroyers, to which they were quite similar. The Buenos Aires were made in the United Kingdom, too, being launched in 1937 and put into service in the ARA in 1938.
The "San Juan" class destroyers would have had the following characteristics:

  • 1,350 long tons of standard displacement.
  • 35.5 knots of maximum speed.
  • 4 (4x1) 120mm main armament.
  • 8 antiaircraft machine guns.
  • 8 (2x4) 533mm torpedo launchers.

Now, this class of ships is mentioned as similar to the United Kingdon "S" class destroyer. If we compare this with the "Buenos Aires" class destroyer (using Navypedia) we can observe the following differences:

  • Cannons in the same quantity and caliber (4x120mm), but better angle for the S and possibly a more modern firing system than the BA.
  • More powerful anti-aircraft for the S (8x20 + 2x40) and limited for the BA (8x13).
  • Greater complete displacement for the S (2,500t) and with a fifth of difference (500t) compared to the BA.
  • Higher speed for S (1 knot) being less that of BA (35.5-36 knots).
  • Higher power (6,000 HP) for the S, being less that of the BA (34,000 HP), but with a lower HP/t ratio (16 to 17).ajax-news-feature-service-thornycroft-wa
  • ajax-news-feature-service-thornycroft-wa
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The Old Forum had a lot of great info on this topic... 

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