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Lexington, which rocket planes?


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I generally only play co-op and operations so asking for advice in here. Working on the upgrades for the Lexington, already got the dive bombers and torpedo bombers, so next step is the rockets. I'd rather not unlock one and then decide I'd rather have the other and have to grind out the other for another 18,000 exp before getting the hull upgrade. So my questions are, between HVAR and Tiny Tim which is generally more useful for you in these modes? Then as a follow up, I generally avoid my rocket planes for the most part, I find them more awkward to line up strikes with than the torps or bombs even on DDs. The exception is I will use them on carriers a lot, so if that changes the suggestion let me know. Thanks all.

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Unless there is a specific reason to use the "Tiny Tim" rockets, I generally use the HVAR rockets.

There are more HVAR rockets launched per salvo.
They have a slightly shorter delay from the time one clicks the mouse button to "pull the trigger" to the time the rockets actually launch from the plane.


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