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Kane & Lynch 2 Dog Days - Short game review


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To be honest, the most attractive aspect of this game for me is that it's set in Shanghai, and I'm curious how they created the virtual Shanghai in this game.


+This game does a better job in recreating a Chinese city than many games, partly because there are Chinese developers as you can see below.

+The developers does a great job creating correct atmosphere for each level, though the graphics are dark-ish.

+Great attention to details in some aspects. Vehicles that serve as map props resembles popular models at that time, weapons used by police force and soldiers closely resemble real ones. Also the original Chinese songs that serve as background music are in surprisingly high quality.

+Good difficulty design for casual players. The easy mode is very beatable as long as you're not playing recklessly (e.g. rushing a group of enemies)



-Voice of NPC is very awkward (exact contrary to the songs), very probably not voiced by people that speaks Chinese well, however still understandable, it just feels unatural.

-Some Chinese words on road signs are not polished and looks wrong for anyone that knows the language.

-The unique camera view of this game shakes violently when the game character is running.

-Story is too short.

-Automatic weapons are very inaccurate, usually requires shooting single shots in order to hit enemies that's further than a step away from you.



Verdict: Attractive mainly because of its unique background settings, not worth ~5 usd (36 cny) if you are not interested.

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