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Playing Operations in the Morning CST - what a hot mess....


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Oh my, I have the St Patty's day mission to earn 16K BXP and the best way is in Operations.  Well, that was a really, really bad idea this AM !

It seems, that the players loading operations simply don't know how they work at all......  Two losses and some rather salty chat and I'm not going back during the day.

In Narai, I had 16 kills and we lost everything except the transports I took...  I've never seen so many, know so little, and, I even volunteered to answer questions they had...>!  Nope.

Has anyone else experienced this??? 

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I've been doing the "earn 16,807 BaseXP" mission in randoms and Co-op.  Started working on it, yesterday.
I'm currently at 15,975 BaseXP.  Only a handful of more games to go, for that mission.
Then the others in that mission-chain await me.  But, at least I'll get the Shamrock patch.  🙂 

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4 hours ago, Frostbow said:

Carry harder, Asym-san. 😊

sigh.  The Schwartz favored me but, even with his favor, it simply couldn't be done.  Try till you die and then, die well was the mission at that point.  It ended up me and the Carrier and he decided to run away and the bots chased him for quite a while and the game timed out: DEFEAT....

Too many mind.  simply.  Too many mind.

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