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Introducing ClanBase


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Folks, it's here!

It’s real!

And it works, even!

DevStrike! proudly presents...




What is ClanBase?

ClanBase is a free hosting service for Clans and Clubs offered by DevStrike! for the greater WoWs community.

  • a Clan is a group of members belonging to the same WoWs game Clan.
  • a Club is a group of members with a shared interest in a DevStrike!-supported topic.

The distinction is real – for instance, Clans are bound to the game, have limited size and generally have higher privacy requirements.  Clubs can be larger, may be more open to new members and may have most of their activity on external sites or in real-world locations. Examples of Clubs are: movie clubs, book clubs, museum clubs, charities, help organizations, and streamer clubs that help make relevant, streamer-generated content more accessible to the Forum membership.


What can you expect from ClanBase?

  • A free site for hosting your Clan or Club
  • Professional, solid platform
  • Forum functionality
  • High Forum visibility
  • Clan and Club posts and Events integrated into the DevStrike! Front page (visible to Clan/ Club members only)
  • Member Invitation function
  • My Clans widget keeps all the Clans and Clubs you are a member of in one place.
  • Embedded in a growing WoWs community Forum
  • Excellent Moderators and Admins can help you out when you need them
  • Keeps your Clan or Club site safe and active
  • Basic access to linked DevStrike! community Discord channels, both reserved and open channels.
  • Free, functional Clan starters available for a hassle-free, ready-to-go experience, or
  • Option to set up your section from scratch
  • Sections can be tailored to meet your needs
  • No hidden strings attached1 – you can leave when you like, and we won’t follow you to the parking lot


ClanBase is for those who recognize any one of these statements

  • Your Clan doesn’t have a Forum yet, and you'd like to try that
  • Your Clan isn’t on Discord yet, and you'd like to try that
  • You may already have a Forum or Discord channel, but you don’t want the hassle of running your site(s) alone
  • You’re concerned about data security and would prefer a site on a professional platform
  • You want your Clan to be visible, and immersed in the WoWs community
  • You’d like to ensure the survival of your Clan site, even if a clan commander quits or your other website goes down
  • You like the way DevStrike! helps you keep track of WoWs communities, Clans and Clubs, and their latest posts and activities
  • You'd just like to try it out



Current limitations

ClanBase is a mini-forum within DevStrike! and as such has certain limitations, such as a simplified structure. Additionally, it is available only as a single and non-divisible extension, meaning Clans and Clubs share the same code and are recognized by the host platform as being identical. We have reached the limit of what we can meaningfully change in the underlying code to force a distinction between Clubs and Clans, hence Club members may see the word "Clan" rather "Club" in the Overview page, for instance, and Clans set to "open" are listed as Clubs (because most Clubs are Open, whereas Clans are usually "Closed"). It is understandable if you are somewhat confused at this point - what it means is that a clean separation of clubs and clans will only be possible once we "acquire" a bigger and more complex hosting package.

Additionally, we also may need to limit the number of Clans and Clubs initially supported, to understand the workload on our server and ensure space requirements remain manageable.

For these reasons, we will be monitoring the deployment of Clans and Clubs carefully over the coming months.


Want to try out Clanbase?

  1. Before you check out ClanBase, here's the boring bit: Read the Terms of Service
  2. Next it starts to get fun: Read the ClanBase Guide
  3. Then go ahead and dive right in: A ClanBase link has been activated in the menu bar. Or you can click here.
  • A special showcase clan has been set up for you to explore: Try it out here.
  • Don't forget to join the Clan first so you can fully test it.
  • You can leave the Clan when you're done.


1You do need to read the Terms of Service, and follow our Forum Rules



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