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Are the any recommendations for Submarine Equipment slot Upgrades (i.e those which changed and were removed with WoWs v13.2)?


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Hi all,

On WG Discord Yurra answered that he is waiting for ShipBuilder to update (for screenshots and config)...


Leo "Apollo11"

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The changes are split between line-specific and general upgrades.  Ships with the Reserve Battery Consumable probably should prioritize the Mod 1 upgrade for that, while I would only put the Submarine Surveillance Mod 1 on the S-189.  Reinforced Bulkheads is, I believe, the best Slot 5 upgrade unless you have a specialist Sub you are building for.  Damage Control System Mod 3 might be worth it for I-56 due to its tendency to take incoming fire, but I don't think its bonus is worth it for other Subs.  The damage increase from Torpedo Tubes Mod 3 isn't enough to make it more worthwhile than Reinforced Bulkhead, I believe, as Sub Torpedoes either do good damage or not enough to notice the increase.  Submarine Steering Gears is always a good choice if you don't have a need for the other upgrades in that slot.



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