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New Milestone Reached In Fujin


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Just had  a great game in IJN Fujin




It looks incredible impressive but sadly its an illusion 




However since WG insists on this format it legally stands 







The reality is a I sank two opponents, the great part about this game is it came down to the wire with just me against two human players in a do or die situation.


@TankRemoverYT and @Alelax_ does not look like they are on the forum but they fought a battle royal right to the end, I salute them.

It feels good to actually have a battle, no quarter given and fighting to the bitter end.

Sadly these types of games are rarely played, even sadder it was done with BOTS, in fact I salute the BOTS for putting in a fighting effort.   







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Congrats on the game play. I never match your stats. The Fujin is nasty when divisioned up with another Fujin and an Okhotnik



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