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In this reply, I want to focus on the Gato, a U.S. Submarine and steel ship. Here is my review of this ship as of 09/03/2023. 

Currently, it's by far my favorite ship to play in the game. I love to play all submarines from most nations in general; but this particular U.S. Submarine is my favorite because of its aggressive playstyle. Not to mention it has a *wicked* cool shark face painted on the front of it! 😁 But besides its awesome default skin camo, having the offensive capabilities that the Gato grants you, so you can afford to play so aggressively and hopefully stay on the offense, is very thrilling and rewarding when you plan your attacks and positioning well. Because of this, I do think this ship might be more difficult for new sub players to captain because your timing and positioning is everything. Playing very offensively in subs always comes with its own risk-for-reward... and that right there is why I love the Gato. It's such a thrilling ship to captain! There's not many games I play with it were it's not a fun, adrenaline-fueled trip! - In contrast to the Balao, I really enjoy the Gato's three torpedo-tube loaders vs the standard two. It makes me less afraid to further press the offense and perhaps send three torpedos down range instead of the typical two at a time. The Gato's standard (non-homing) torpedos are also my favorite torpedos of all the subs in the game currently; they have decent speed, very high damage, and a very long range. Everything I personally look for and want in a torpedo.🤷‍♂️ It helps make the Gato the king of short range, stealthy, surprise, "sneak-attacks". Periscope-depth, unload your torpedo salvo, do your damage to a ship, and then silently slip away to temporary safety where you can surface, recharge your dive-capacity, and strategically choose your next target.

So overall, I think the U.S. Submarine tech-tree line, specifically the Gato, is a great steel ship to invest in if you personally enjoy playing submarines in a more offensive and aggressive playstyle. The Gato's high dive capacity recharge rate, low detectability, fast surface speed, and its high damage, long range standard (non-homing) torpedos with three loaders; make this ship a real force to be reckoned with while out in the sea.

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