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Why didn't WoWS do .......


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Why didn't WoWS begin warship play, say, at 1880, instead of ,basically, around 1900?

Why didn't WoWS call clans 'Fleets' & divisions 'Squadrons' which are much more accurate & appropriate names for assemblages of warships?

Why didn't WoWS offer a dedicated 'clan flag slot' - they offered a guild image for WoT years ago.

Why didn't WoWS keep RTS CVs in the game?

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"Clan" is the traditional name for a group of people who organize together to play an online game.

RTS CVs were over-powered in the hands of experts and nearly unplayable in the hands of beginners. Experts at strafing who bought a Premium CV that had more fighters than a tech tree CV did could deplane their opponent's CV in a few minutes, effectively taking it out of the game. They then could permanently spot every single DD on the enemy team by just hovering their fighters over them for the rest of the match. The rework allowed average players to be at least reasonably good with CVs.

WOWS is set mainly in the first half of the twentieth century because that's when most of the large naval battles were fought in modern times.

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