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Petropavlovsk: Road to Elite Emblem


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One of my goals this year is to achieve a few elite emblems in World of Warships. After what seemed like an eternity, a month ago I finally unlocked the U.S.S.R. Navy Elite Forces emblem, with the last 10-12 victories coming from solo Random Battles with the Tier X cruiser, the Petropavlovsk. Looking back, here are a few memorable moments (including a 4,000,000 potential damage in one battle) compiled into one video.

There were other quite a few memorable battles as well, including one with the Donskoi, plus a few ones with the Stalingrad and the Kremlin. I wish there was a metric that would tell me how many battles in total it took me to achieve the elite emblem. All in all, I think it has been worthwhile endeavor.


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