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This years project:


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Every year I set one or two goals usually more attainable than my standard "Become the #1 player in the world" goal. This year my goals are: 1. fully explore the Super Ships, 2. achieve at least a 50% win rate in Random battles. Needless to say I am doing better with the first than the second.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to watch Ensign Cthulhu's stream during lunch and saw he was on the PTS server trying out the Super Ships. I said it looked like they made money so he played one game with one of the ships. After the game he looked at the details and found a -180,000 credit loss. In further discussion he said he thought the average loss had been about a -160,000 credit loss. I was shocked even though this matched what i remember hearing shortly after the ships were in trial. It must be noted here that the PTS ship did not have any Economic Bonuses on it nor a clan port with any bonuses that may be available from it. 

 Since I had over 1 billion in credits I decided to buy all the ships at once for about 769,000,000 million then equip and captain them one at a time. I decided all first games will be played in Co-op since this is what I play 90% of the time. My clan does not have a Super Ship port. It is important to note I do always have Warships Premium Account.  I will also have full battle flags and economic bonuses (blue) except the ship XP bonus on the ships just like I always have in any battle (usually green). All equipment slots will be filled and at least a 10 point captain installed. Like any Premium ship there are no ship upgrades. Unlike most Premium Ships there are no Common missions with elevated ship rewards.

Last week after finishing a battle in an Italian DD I saw the Piemonte setting there and decided to set her up. (note: I don't know how to get the results detail page to insert here yet so I will type the results) Today I played her for the first time with the following results:

                                          WITHOUT PREMIUM                     WITH PREMIUM                                                                                                                      PERSONAL SCORE 


 Received for battle                 66,827                                  100,241                                                                                 Victory *260,627 Credits   2485 Ship XP   604 Free XP   70,180 Damage   60 Hits

Modifiers                                   106,924                                  160,386                                                                                  1 Assisted Capture   1 Incapacitation   1 Destroyed   12 Secondary Hits

Spent                                         - 244,890                            - 244,890 

Total                                               -71,139                                     15,737                                                                                                                                         DETAILED REPORT

Ship XP

Received for battle                       430                                              710                                                                                2 Ships Damaged   523,500 Potential Damage   21 Capture Points   

Modifiers                                         1075                                             1775                                                                               6:40 Battle Duration   6:40 Time in Battle   33.84 Distance Traveled

Base XP                                           (366)                                         (604)                                     

Total                                                 1505                                            2485                                                                                                                                         Note:

 Commander XP                                                                                                                                                                               * Personal Score Credits counts all numbers as positive numbers

 Received for battle                    430                                                  710

 Modifiers                                     4580                                              7562 

 Free XP                                          (251)                                             (414)

 Total                                                5010                                             8272


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