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In a future update, we plan to add a new destroyer branch to the French Tech Tree.


In a future update, we plan to add a new destroyer branch to the French Tech Tree.


To celebrate this announcement, we are hosting a community camouflage contest where players will have an opportunity to design a permanent camouflage for Tier VII Le Hardi! Show your creativity and get a chance to earn valuable rewards such as containers that are guaranteed to drop premium ships! Of course, the winning design will be added to the game. You can find more details here.

Six new ships will enter the game - L'Adroit, Duchaffault, Le Hardi, L'Aventurier, Orage, and Cassard. 

The ships will be armed with main battery guns with calibers ranging from 120 to 130mm.

  • Tier V will have four single guns in a traditional composition.
  • Tier VI will have two twin turrets, one at each end of the hull, and one single turret in the middle.
  • Tiers VII-X will all have three twin turrets, with one in the front and two in the aft part of the ship.

As for torpedoes, these ships will have the following configurations:

  • Tiers V-VI - two triple-tube torpedo launchers;
  • Tier VII - one triple-tube and two twin-tube launchers;
  • Tiers VIII-IX - three triple-tube launchers;
  • Tier X - four triple-tube launchers.

Please note that the branch is currently under development, so the ship models are still not finalized and their gameplay with detailed technical characteristics will be described in later publications.

French Destroyer L'Adroit, Tier V

The L'Adroit-class destroyers represented an evolution of the Bourrasque class. The lead destroyer was constructed in Dunkirk and named in honor of one of the ships under the command of Jean Bart, a renowned Dunkirk privateer and naval officer. Having participated in the early operations of World War II, L'Adroit met her fate on May 21, 1940, near her hometown during the evacuation of Allied forces from the French coast.

French Destroyer Duchaffault, Tier VI

A Soldati-class destroyer built in Italy for the Regia Marina (Royal Italian Navy). Throughout World War II, the destroyer played a role in military campaigns in the Mediterranean. In 1948, the ship was transferred to France as part of war reparations and renamed Duchaffault in tribute to the esteemed 18th-century French naval commander. The destroyer served with the French Navy, known as the Marine Nationale, until 1956.

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