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A night playing CVs


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So, I think I am going to hop in the dev strike Discord server and play some CV. I will even share my screen, if anyone wants to be a critic, lol, preferably constructive. I am not a great CV player, at least not since 2018, but I still enjoy it.

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Night has fallen on my CV play. I played CVs, RTS CVs, until the CV rework. I had a number of RTS CVs & enjoyed the challenge of playing them. Try running 7 or even 8 plane squadrons & move your CV all at the same time while listening to your team mates asking for plane assistance. Reworked CV play is a complete JOKE, in comparison. I expect my RTS CV play was average with a few good battles. I got to T9 Taiho & the Essex. I bought the Graf Zeppelin & always ran it with all torp plane loadouts. Also, in the GZ loadout forum war I said nary a word (which, if you know my forum record, that is absolutely remarkable for me).

I am thoroughly disgusted with what WG did to CVs. Reworked CVs have been a disaster, imo, for WoWS. I sold my Graf Zeppelin immediately after reworked CVs were forced into WoWS plus, practically, all my other CVs. I have been reworked CV free on EU server (since the 'rebork', ofc) & on NA server I, recently, got rid of my remaining CVs there (which were all T4, hence, rather immaterial).

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