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Posting screen shots to this forum


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I've noticed my screen shots come out quite fuzzy to the point where you can't read much such as ship names and game chat.

The game saves my screen shots as JPG.  And i typically copy the file and paste it on a message.     Is there a better way or format to get a better shot posted?

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@HogHammer What are the technical aspects involved in this? You probably have a good idea of this.

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1 hour ago, WES_HoundDog said:

 Is there a better way or format to get a better shot posted?

So I pulled a couple of your screenshots to take a look.  They are full screenshots.

First suggestion is to crop your image to get the focus on what your are attempting to highlight.  I used your images to show as an example.

1.png.3cc4255350daea4dd833dcfc0fcb56b6.png   From "Which one is it WeeGee?"

You really don't need the entire screen; focus on your message.  There is no need to show your mini-maps or team boards - focus on what message/detail you are trying to get across.  

Same goes with the chat - no need for entire screen shot.


3.png.c95b3bfa17d916c1c3274e252dc9d49f.png  From "Haven't played since Subs were added"

Again, focus on the part of the image you want to highlight.

I see many images of crates on the forum and at times they are hard to make out exactly what that person received.  A simple edit can solve it.

Take a look here for some additional instructions of how you can do better and edit screen shots.

I do my edits with MS Snipping Tool (the one I prefer), but MS Paint and Photo also have an edit (crop) feature.

So you may want to give these options a try, and if you have any additional questions, let us know.

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Use https://postimages.org/ and you can upload high-resolution screenshots. If they are too big for the forum window, you can click on them to view them at full resolution. Remember that your screenshot's resolution will be only as good as your game's graphics settings will allow it to be.




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