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Is this Co-op? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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Not a single player from the enemy team managed to reach the 500 Base XP mark. Not a single player from the enemy team scored a kill. 

A lot of players are likely burned out, and they still do not know it. Or, they just do not care about playing responsibly at all.




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My one match this morning in my Midway...I had 70k spotting damage in the first two minutes. Enemy ships just charging forward and then gamer turning into heavy damage.

200k spotting damage after seven minutes.

By then my team was in full win harder mode and I didn't get much more spotting damage...

But it was an EPIC destruction. Enemy team just doing bonehead play after bonehead play.

Enemy Shima tried to do the end run to kill me, Id already moved away from him and never saw a torp.

People say tier 10 is the most highly skilled tier...

...not in my experience.

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14 minutes ago, Frostbow said:


Looks like your team had better DDs or they just played better that match.

Probably snowballed hard due to lack of cap/zone/vision control. 


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