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Won't somebody think of the poor hamsters!


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Just happened to me. Was locked out for just over 10 minutes - could not even access the official web page.

Got back into game to see half of both teams dead and myself barely alive. Died to intensive focus fire a minute later. It was arms race and the reds were all over the capture circle. Post game I had just 60 base xp - everyone else had normal levels of base xp for the results. So apparently I was the only player in my game to get the "This service is unavailable, try again later" message. So bumbed out, had a full set of combat flags and blue boosters on.

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My internet has not been ideal lately. Got dropped twice this week-end but got back in, in the nick of time. Pink averted!

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Hamsters or, better yet, Lemmings, are an appropriate animal for WoT. I have a WoT named clan the 'Popular Front for the Liberation of Lemmings' (PFLL) (kind of a fart acronym pun). I even found a clever cartoon Lemming as my clan vehicle symbol. I used to announce in all chat, especially, on the Cliff map, "Come join the Popular Front for the Liberation of Lemmings for the 'Plunge'." The 'no funners' at WoT, eventually, disallowed the use of the word 'popular' in my clan name (no clue why that word became verbotten) but, likely, because I used the clan name, frequently, in general chat. You know how 'sensitive' the WG Thought Police 😏 can be.

Here in WoWS, I wonder why a marine creature has never been popular for a term for a mindless player (Hamster in WoT) such as my personal suggestion of 'Herrings', as in 'School of Herrings' to denote the main mindless mass of the player base. More appropriate , imo. 😁

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