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125 Meters


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Ran out to the pasture just now. Looks like a windmill blew down during the last storm. That windmill had been there as long as anyone alive today can remember. It was probably erected sometime before WWII as a WPA project. I hope they put a new one up because the overflow pond created a good blue quail and dove hunting spot.

I dug out Dad's old track tape and measured off 125 meters to set up my target. 125 Meters is pushing the limits of a 5.5" barrel .22 pistol. From the ballistic chart I figured I needed to click my sight up ten clicks to get on paper and that was pretty close. Arrow shows firing direction (due east) and wind direction (14-23 mph from the west southwest). 23 mph wind gusts really throw your handgun aim off at 125 meters. If it hadn't been so windy I might have even got a couple in the black. However, I was happy enough to get them all on paper and in an 8-inch group.


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