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[BSSE] Because Ships Sink Eventually is Recruiting! (NA)


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Clan Name: Because Ships Sink Eventually   
Clan Tag: BSSE 
Server: North America (NA)
Clan Commander: Taffy2014 


We're a Typhoon level clan that works hard to compete at the highest levels possible while still having fun. Our main focus is Clan Battles and tournaments but we regularly div up for Randoms and sync drop with our sister clans, BSSX and BSSG, to keep things light and enjoy the game together. BSSE expects applicants to be involved in the Clan by participating in Clan Battles and Naval Battles. Most importantly, applicants must have a positive attitude and work well with the team. We want active players who know what they're doing, follow the direction of the play caller, and make good decisions on their own during the battle. Clan members should expect to give and receive constructive criticism with the goal of improving our play. A mic and Discord are required and we do communicate in English. Members must keep stats visible. Clan members who are toxic to other players, in and out of the Clan, will be removed. 

If you are interested in joining us, reach out to Taffy2014, CTRCM, bastie, or Count_Fragington in-game or message me here.


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