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Opt-in Mission


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Use the link below...



  • Port
  • News
  • Ship's Log: Our Editor Visits Brazil Article

Scroll down to find opt in button.

Starts: Aug 31, 03:00 AM PT (UTC-7) / your local time: Aug 31, 03:00 AM
Ends: Sep 13, 03:00 AM PT (UTC-7) / your local time: Sep 13, 03:00 AM

Qualifying Modes: Concealed Maneuvers; Brawls; Operations; and/or Random, Ranked, and/or Co-op Battles
Qualifying Ships: T5+

4 Part Mission:

  • 12,000 BXP
    • Reward = 2X Credit Crates
  • 20 Cap/Asst Cap/D-Cap
    • Reward = 2X Signal Crates
  • 60,000 Capt XP
    • Reward = 1X Coal Crate + 2X Brazilian Camo
  • 12,000,000 Potential Damage
    • Reward = 4X Brazilian Camo

Final Reward is Brazilian Imperial Flag (we have been able to get this before - I have it already)


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1 hour ago, Verblonde said:

FWIW for folk on the EU server, you want this link: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/sales-and-events/ships-log-127-weekly-2/


1 hour ago, Admiral_Karasu said:

Yeah, sorry guys. I am so used to doing this on WOWS NA I forgot this forum covers EU and SEA now too.

Will try and remember that in the future and add links to those as well. No promises as I barely remember to wear my pants so...


Edited by AdmiralThunder
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@AdmiralThunder - being sensible, there's no apology needed! It'll treble your workload adding in the other servers; I'm sure there'll be a few EU and/or Asia server folk about who can dig out their respective links...


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