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The Scrim Club -Center Stage- with Boggzy - Clan Battle Ships, Strategy and Maps


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If you or your clan are interested in Clan Battles in World of Warships and have a desire to become better and advance into different leagues of competition, here is the beginning of a series of videos that may help you reach those objectives.

Clan Battles are “available to players of Access Level 17 and higher. Clan Battles offer captains the opportunity to team up with their clan mates and face off against teams from other clans in epic sea battles. Ascending to the Typhoon League and playing enough games there, players will be rewarded with a commemorative flag. If they can repeat the feat across several seasons, they can earn unique reward ships” (Wiki.Wargaming). (Additional information on Clan Battles is available by clicking on Wiki.Wargaming)

About the Scrim Club -

The Scrim Club was established about a year ago by interested clans to establish training and practice for those interested in becoming better prepared for Clan Battles.  The group is hosted by NGA (Navy Gaming America) and has steadily grown in member participation.  Apart from clan and individual practice hosted by the Scrim Club, it has recently expanded its instruction to include now two live sessions with NA Community Manager Boggzy.

These are rather long video sessions, but if you are at all involved in Clan Battles, they are well worth the viewing.  The first video covers, for lack of a better term, Clan Battles 101.  The second video begins to go into map tactics and strategy.  So, if you were ever wondering what your goals should be and what may be the best ships for this type of battle - give it a view.  Do remember that these are just straight recorded streams, and no editing was involved.  In other words, don't expect a motion picture production.

The first video --

Second video --

More videos will follow, and at some point, I will attempt to break them down into bookmarks for various topics covered in each video.

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  • HogHammer changed the title to The Scrim Club -Center Stage- with Boggzy - Clan Battle Ships, Strategy and Maps

These two videos are very helpful, especially the second one which shows map strategy.  I now have a better understanding of what I'm trying to accomplish with specific ships in conjunction with my team mates.  These types of videos would be very helpful for lower tier and other game modes.  Great job!

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57 minutes ago, Justin_Simpleton said:

These two videos are very helpful, especially the second one which shows map strategy.

Exactly, and although these videos pertain to Clan Battles, the same tactics and map strategy can also easily be applied to random modes of play.

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