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Well it seems that Kittykami IS good for somethin'...


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If for nothing else then completing missions in coop Smile_smile.gif.054af9b329387282775b9db389d4e153.gif, tho a bit pricey for that.


Btw her acceleration is quite inane,  even without booster. Pressed W and it was like, brooo.....what Ferrari ? .Bye Ferrari Smile_glasses.gif.ad42a1d7c6a3da5c4b37a0

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Ferrari sucks. 

Except the testarossa, which is glorious beyond measure. That's all I came here to say lol. 

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 A follow up coz I didn't wanted to start a new thread...


When torpboats meet.....




...... TORPS!!!


Poor lollibotes kept staying in a smoke, while I kept accumulating fish  coz I was in the circle most of the time...... so then i released a proper salvo 🙂 



The suckmarine almost took me out, but I got  her in the end, so pretty satisfying match 🙂 



Btw she can also do the YoloEmilio stuff too, took out a Stalingradskiy earlier....  


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