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Aslains modpack....how to adjust?


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So I downloaded the mod pack last night and qued up a game to check it out. It was overwhelming. Everything was changed, things I wanted were there but a lot of things I wasn't into were there too. How do I keep the stuff I like and remove the other things? 

I like the repair party counter showing how much can be healed currently and how much each heal can give total for instance. I do not like the ship icons at the top of the screen being different. I also don't need the stat for every weapon and consumable on the screen at all times like it is now. 

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@mashed68 My first question is, what mods have you checked?  Only the items you select will/should show up.  You may have to uncheck certain boxes and make sure that.

General suggestions:


Check the "show preview window" option.  It gives you an idea of exactly what you are installing.


Select ONLY the mods you want with a check mark.  (Preview window is to the right)


Make sure you check the box that says, "Remove all previous mods from the game" option.  You may, from your description, have some leftover mods in the directory. This will delete them and install only the mods you selected. Hit "next" and let the Modpack do its stuff.

Hope this fixes your situation.


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