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PSA: Data mining implies that researchable Commonwealth cruisers will NOT have baked-in improved propulsion


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Courtesy of the WoWS/MK Database tool, https://iwarship.net/wowsdb/index, hosted by iwarship.net.

Original website in Chinese.

The columns read, from left to right: Tier (5~9), Ship type (here, all cruisers), Nationality (Commonwealth), Name (Delhi, Perth, Mysore, Hobart, Uganda, Auckland, Hector), HP pool-standard, HP pool-with commander skill, HP pool-maximum potential, Torpedo Protection, Engine splash immunity, Steering gears splash immunity, maximum surface concealment, maximum aerial concealment, maximum speed, rudder shift time, turning radii, propulsion power/tonnage ratio, tonnage, hull length, hull width, citadel height and peculiarities.

For Perth, Mysore and Hector (lines 2, 3 and 7), the "Peculiarities" section states "improved acceleration to ~30kts" and for Hector also "light hull-16mm plating". The column is blank for all other ships that will become researchable Commonwealth cruisers.


It's a pity that we won't have this signature feature on the new Commonwealth cruisers, though it may be argued that crawling smoke relies less on frequent starts from standstill or deceleration to 1/4 forward than traditional smokescreens, and Huanghe is already there demonstrating that without baked-in improved acceleration, crawling smoke cruisers can still be viable.

PS: there seems to be some unidentified changes, or possibly errors with Huanghe. As for now she does not have baked-in improved acceleration and her once-bugged torpedo launching modes has been fixed, yet no information can be found regarding these concerns.

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It's possible the inclusion of Submarine Surveillance on this line was seen as enough of a signature point and WG didn't want to eclipse the UK line.



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They get standard armour, unlike the Minotaur line.

WG moved away from mobility based designs long ago.


And you need armour to survive in this meta.

Otherwise you'll be like Minotaur, which can only run from every threat because it gets countered by it's own class.

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53 minutes ago, Verytis said:

They get standard armour, unlike the Minotaur line.

I’ll add that this is the same thing that WG did with UK CL designs/derivatives that were incorporated in the PanAm cruiser line.

It also makes sense when one considers that the Commonwealth line transitions from CLs to CAs as one goes up the tiers. Cruisers with “light” extremity armor and heavy cruiser guns aren’t a pre-existing archetype in the game. Implementing the CLs with standard CL armor/acceleration characteristics allows more consistency throughout the line.

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