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So... How do a human becomes a filthy/stealthy Sub??? Watch and learn...


Man down, Man down, Man down of sheer laughter and lack of awareness...

Just like every BB player who gets shotgunned by a sub...




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This goes out for those who love to criticize others' player tactics and fail to adapt to the situation at hand...

Maybe after seeing this video, there's some success in self reflection perhaps? Or is it just wishful stinky thinking on my part??? A man can dream can he..🤣


In summery, this is how the complainers lose in WOWS... They see someone doing some they dont like.. Instead of adapting to the situation, they do what they always to.. Maybe as Bruce Lee once stated "they're rigid as concrete not, flexible as a bamboo stick."

I will not use a WOWS video to show my point... No sir... As to my commitment to neutrality... I'll future a sport no one thinks of... (Its still entertaining).


When its all said and done... Those who fail to see glory will end up like those at the end of this video...

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