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Survey of U.S. Army (Uniforms, Weapons and Accoutrements)


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5 hours ago, Admiral_Karasu said:

Something I came across, just a link to a Survey of U.S. Army, uniforms, weapons and accoutrements over historical periods and a number of wars by David Cole.


Thanks for posting this, it's an interesting read.

I see that this pamphlet came out of Fort Sam Houston. That was probably the nicest place I was ever stationed. The food was great as we medic trainees ate at the same chow hall as the doctors and nurses that worked at BAMC did, it had civilian cooks and you ordered your food like you were in a restaurant. Weekend evenings on the river walk in Sana Antonio were spectacular and the fishing in the local creeks was great. Boy, was I in for a culinary and cultural letdown when I was assigned to my permanent unit at Fort Polk, well except for the fishing part.

It's interesting how the calibers of the military rifles decreased as ammunition technology improved over the years. I oftentimes wondered why some black powder hunting rifles are .54 caliber and why they chose that instead of an even number like .55. It seems that this was the caliber of the fist percussion musket in the US inventory. The information on pre-revolver military pistols was especially interesting to me as they are often overlooked in military weapons documentaries and by companies who produce black powder replicas. It's interesting too to see that the items US soldiers carried since the country was founded are pretty much the ones we carried when I was in -- web belt, ammo pouch, bayonet, canteen, canteen cup, mess kit, entrenching tool and field pack. The only modern addition we had was a gas mask.


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