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One of the worse parts of the game is being sent back to port

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It sucks to take a lucky strike and have your cruiser killed in one lucky salvo.  Or be hounded by a carrier until you sink, or turn an island and get sunk by a lucky torpedoed strike from extreme range.  Sometime i watch spectate but without much to do but switch ships i often just go back to port.  A long game with a handful of enemy ships hiding trying to run out the clock.  Or almost as bad both teams being reduced in number at opposite sides of the may.  A closeout with one team dominating is bad when its short. 

A long game without hope of winning is worse so what can be done to minimize boring games.  Respawn, no not in the same ship that would just be well insulting to sink a ship loose half your health and sea the enemy return at full health.  But a support ship say a flak ship if it is, teach an annoying carrier a lesson, an ASW escort or a supply ship or repair ship.  This would do two things keep the game from becoming a game of hide and seek and keep people in a match long.  The chief description of the support spawn would be a low anti-ship capability so few anti -ship guns and no torps.

it was not my first idea for a support ship, i actually thought of a pet that would be spawned and AI controlled.   That idea failed because AI in the game has Leming levels of survival instinct.  It would add a whole lot of rewards to the game allowing ships too small ad week to be let in the game as full ships.  keep matches interesting and give people something to shoot at.  Why would people play a floating target, to score more points or for bragging rights.  Just a spit ball idea but it could be fun or maybe miserable but what do all you think.

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Well, you can now always follow this procedure:

1. Get properly sunk (mostly easy to do, depending on your skill level).

2. Say, nay, scream the name of the Grail Castle at the top of your lungs. (fairly easy, except for your neighbors).

3. Press the 'Battle on' button to move onto the next battle with the same ship, miraculously salvaged and refitted (dead easy, actually, once you get the hang of it).

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