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Welcome one and all and thanks for reading. TFD are in the process of recruiting again and it will be for a short period of time. Some of you may know our Content Creators and streamers such as.

Daniel Russev - https://www.twitch.tv/daniel_russev
The Brain - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgK87bLDR_AMrUEMff4F9WA

TFD is steeped in history and is one of the finest most developed clans in the game. TFD has a fully developed port and as such you will reap the benefits of this. TFD is a great community to become a part of. We hold internal tourneys with prizes and regularly take part in clan battles. Reaching high levels consistently over the seasons. 

Feel free to drop by on our discord. Or private message me in game for anymore information. 


TFD Requirements:

To join “The Flying Dutchman" Community, you have to bring these things to the table:
•    Main language: English
•    15+ days of inactivity without notice leads to exclusion
•    Have 5 TX ships or more
•    WR: 55% or higher and minimum PR: 1300
•    Discord activity is mandatory!
Offer respect, fairness and good sportsmanship towards your clanmates and you will be much welcome in our community.
Feel free apply in-game or reach out to us on our Discord-server if you have any questions!


TFD2 Requirements:

From the haunted depth below, The Flying Dutchman 2 has emerged.
To become a crewmember of the Flying Dutchman 2 you must:

Have at least 1x Tier 10 ship
Have a minimum of 50% Win-rate and 1500 Random Battles played
Discord activity is mandatory*
Respect your fellow clan-members
Use English as your main language
Return to The Flying Dutchman 2 before being 30 days in-active
(*Play with fellow clanmates, play clan battles and have fun with everyone!

Kind Regards 
TFD DaddyDepot

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