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Sinking of Blücher - The Battle of Drøbak Sound (Norway) Animated


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The sinking of the German cruiser Blücher was a pivotal event during the Battle of Drobak Sound in 1940. The Blücher was the lead ship in the German naval force that attempted to pass through the sound to reach Oslo, Norway and seize control of the Norwegian government. However, the Norwegian coastal fortress of Oscarsborg, located on the island of Kaholmen, opened fire on the ship, causing it to sink with the loss of over 1,000 German sailors

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  • Chysagon changed the title to Sinking of Blücher - The Battle of Drøbak Sound (Norway) Animated

A ship on a shakedown cruise gets sent to attack a well guarded harbour, and finds out that even old weapons can hit hard at short ranges. Doomed from the second hit when the aviation fuel went up.

I do like the clip from "The King's Choice" which depicts the fight. They've compressed events, for sure, but it's an effective way of telling the story.



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